Willbros Football Club

Willbros Football Club was founded as a spring board for discovering young talents with passion for sports especially football.

Willbros FC has been impacting lives through her football academy aimed at helping young talents maximize their potentials.

Capt. Williams Adedoyin  -  President


To see local amateur talents become professional football stars.


Discovering young boys out of the streets by giving them a platform to showcase their talents through football.

At Willbros FC, we function with a burning passion to provide an enabling platform for young talents to live out their dreams of building a successful career in football.

Willbros Football Club houses its presence within the greater Port Harcourt City environment, Rivers State.

As part of our training activities, we desire to help young talents build character while they encounter life challenging experience daily.

Hence, the Willbros FC runs a dual system which enables young persons with a passion for football to achieve it and also train them in character to become responsible people beyond football. 

Management Team!

Ohalem Princewill U.

Team Secretary

Adeyinka Adedoyin

Team Manager

Adulphus Abedi Prince

Head Coach